Bernie Sanders wants to debate Hillary Clinton in her “home-state” of New York before its primary — but making it happen has been far from easy.

After excuses from the Clinton Campaign regarding his “tone”, public backlash, particularly over social media, resulted in the Sanders’ campaign successfully pressuring Clinton to agree to one. But even now, the date and time for the debate has yet to be agreed upon. As stated from the Sanders’ campaign, Clinton has made it impossible to offer a reasonable date and time — most likely deliberately — to make the debate convenient for its viewers.

Official statement regarding the NY debate set up from Sanders' site.
Official statement regarding the NY debate set up from Sanders’ site.

These suggested “media blackout” dates for the New York debate is all too similar to the DNC’s previous debate scheduling — where they were scheduled during major holidays, show finales, and major sport events — to prevent any further exposure to Sanders, and even at one point Martin O’malley. But to claim this blackout is to only prevent exposure to Clinton’s democratic opponents would be half the truth — it’s to also blackout Clinton as well. She benefits from lack of exposure and relies on mere name recognition to distract voters from her actual sordid record.

With two of the biggest delegate rich states still on the table (California and New York) the race towards the nomination is far from over. It has now become all too clear that Clinton’s “inevitability” is just a fairy tale as the insecurity of her campaign spirals out of control — they not only acknowledge the Sanders surge as a very real threat, but also fear of his very possible win. 

Clinton yelling at innocent GreenPeace activists is just the beginning of her emotional breakdown.
Clinton yelling at innocent GreenPeace activists is just the beginning of her emotional breakdown.


After an unexpected virtual tie in Iowa and a landslide victory in New Hampshire, the Clinton campaign was quick to beg for another debate to reclaim her “inevitability” towards the nomination. Sanders, and then O’malley, agreed to do another debate, as long as six more were also part of the deal. After Sanders’ six landslide victories , allowing more exposure to him, via debates, would be political suicide for Clinton’s campaign. They are now reluctant to continue with her promise and only pulls out cheap excuses as to why they refuse to debate Sanders, like his tone, and only suggest media blackout dates for the remaining debates when pressured to continue. One should never forget this avarice move by the Clinton campaign — only agreeing to debates when its in her interests and breaking promises when it is not — yet it seems mainstream media has been able to twist the narrative as if suddenly the Sanders campaign is desperate for more debates, when in reality it was initially Clinton.

A fellow devoted mainstream media news watcher.
A fellow devoted mainstream media news watcher.
And, another one.


Yeah man, tell 'em!
Yeah man, tell ‘em!

But the truth remains, the inevitable candidate ain’t looking so inevitable anymore — because she never was.


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