Donald Trump will ruin America

Famed by hate, fueled by violence and empowered by racism, enters Republican front-runner Donald Trump. Aside from financial backing, Trump has no previous background in politics, in-fact, he has gone on record stating; “I have no knowledge of Foreign Policy, however, I intend to learn once I’m in office”. The merit of this statement becomes apparent anytime a serious issue is raised; Trumps answers are almost always evasive and never come close to touching on the subject at hand.


Despite making a complete mockery of the Presidential race, Trumps campaign has managed to incite violence and unwavering amounts of racism among voters across the country. With each rally, riots and anarchy rain supreme, and someone “inevitably a minority” always winds up bloodied and beaten. To make matters worse, Trump was recently endorsed by David Duke (former Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan). Despite these facts, Trumps support among Republicans is at an all-time high as people are turning out in records numbers to cast their vote for Trumps America.


Trumps campaign highlights everything that is wrong with this county and proves — if you have enough money — there are no limits of what you can accomplish (or in this case purchase) in the United States of America. We urge our readers to get out and vote to ensure “Our Country” continues to move forward and remains progressive for ALL not just for some.

The world needs a revolution, the world needs Bernie Sanders in 2016! #feelthebern

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Scott Styles