The Fox News Democratic Town Hall yesterday was a reality check. It gave a glimpse of what a hypothetical Hillary Clinton nomination would bring for Democratic voters, and it does not look good if they are crossing their fingers to win the White House this year.

While critics have noted that CNN Town Halls, particularly the previous ones hosted by Chris Cuomo, had been full of shamelessly scripted “soft-balls” for the past secretary of state to answer, the Fox questions for her were indeed far from soft-balls. Within the first fifteen minutes, Clinton was already hammered with questions of her involvement in the Libyan intervention, hypocritical passing of the nineties Crime Bill which incarcerated countless African-Americans, and finally her infamous email scandal which continuously haunts her.

Nevertheless, It was the important Democratic Town Hall to take place this year for it distinctly illustrated that if Clinton were truly to be the democratic nominee, the republicans will not hesitate to use her past against her — something Bernie Sanders, as his supporters have claimed, “has been too classy to do” so far in the primary race. A gentleman in the Fox audience, and self-proclaimed Donald Trump supporter, had even addressed his appeal to Sanders over Clinton because of Sanders’ consistent integrity. It seems as though although our current economic needs have changed, as well some social values, the one thing we seek in their potential leaders have NOT, integrity and trustworthiness — two qualities Hillary Clinton fails to be associated with.

It is undeniable that being associated with integrity is one of Clinton’s weak areas, and so GOP will exploit it at unfathomable levels if she were to be the Democratic nominee. According to PoliticusUSA, her unfavorable ratings are at an astounding negative 37% compared to Sanders’  total net approval of a positive 9 — just add in her current FBI investigation, lack of millennial & swing voter support, and inconsistent voting record and you get a disastrous excuse for a presidential nominee, or more concisely put, she’s “unelectable”. Sanders on the other hand is free of scandals, praised for his consistent voting record, and excites millions of first time voters, as well as independents — thus, bringing you the sole reason GOP is attempting to ignore a possible Sanders nomination as the democratic candidate for they want Hillary to be the Democratic nominee because they can easily beat her. During the last GOP debate, all remaining candidates bragged about by how much they would beat Hillary in the national election, leaving the audience to assume maybe Sanders is out of the game because he no longer poses them as a threat, but that is far from the truth considering Sanders beats every single one of them in the very same hypothetical match up.

Pay closer attention to yesterday’s Fox Democratic Town Hall, it reveals that the republicans are more “Ready for Hillary” than even the Democrats.


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