Time and time again, Twitter has proven itself to be a hotbed of Bernie Sanders support. So much so in fact, that nearly all attempts made to endorse Hillary Clinton by her supporters have been hijacked by Sanders supporters putting a negative spin on what were meant to be rallying cries in support of the former First Lady. Two days ago though, the Clinton Camp tried to turn the tables. The key word here being “tried”.

Instead of hijacking an already established Sanders tag however, they decided to force their own, “Release The Returns”. Thousands of angry Hillary supporters demanded the Vermont Senator release his tax returns from 2015, as well from the previous years from before, claiming it jeopardizes his integrity and presidential run. Sanders, even before the twitter hashtag, stated that his wife does his taxes and therefore due to the demands of accompanying him on the campaign trail, has not been able to acquire them. “Release the Returns”, though successfully trended, stands as one of the first of the many more desperate attacks to come by the Clinton Campaign and its supporters. Not only does it follow the tune, and so draws attention to, the hashtag concerning her Goldman-Sachs speeches, “Release the Transcripts”, but her social media followers seem to have forgotten their choice of candidate is no clean slate — she is burdened by an FBI investigation and has an inconsistent voting record which will continue to plague her.

Make no mistake, attacks destitute of actual substance have been flung at Sanders from the very beginning by the Clinton campaign – from demanding his health records, questioning his age, lying about his position on universal health care as well as his views on President Obama, and now demanding his tax returns — which will undoubtedly turn off some undecided democratic voters because it becomes all too-reminiscent of the par for course 2016 GOP tactics. As time goes on, it’s clear Clinton 2016 will start to emulate the Trump Campaign’s stratagem of baseless attacks and unprovoked vitriol. Now that Hillary’s support base is dwindling by the day and the New York primaries are around the corner, we can only expect the two Democratic Campaigns to further wrestle in the mud.

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Sumaya Akhter

Sumaya Akhter

Writer, Philosopher, and aspiring lawyer. I am feeling the bern big time. Follow me on twitter @agirl4bernie

  • Really

    Hey, is there a way to contact you besides twitter? (I don’t have a
    twitter account) -I have an idea on how to end voter suppression. If you
    an email, of anything, please let me know.

  • D16

    There is no defense for Bernie not releasing his tax returns. If this were HRC there would be hell to pay. The hypocrisy is breathtaking.