Just In: Bernie Sanders Takes Michigan Primary

In a surprise turn-of-events, Senator Bernie Sanders shocks the world as he brings in his most substantial win yet for the Democratic race of 2016. Many political analysts predicted Michigan to have a low voter turnout and to be an easy win for the Clinton campaign, however, this turned out not to be the case as numbers were high and people turned out in droves to cast their vote for a better tomorrow.


Hillary was projected to win Michigan

Considering the Republican-made water crisis that’s currently happening in Michigan, it’s no surprise that Sander’s for the people message would resonate more with voters of the Rust Belt state than his opponent’s “for corporations” track record.  We tip our hats to everyone who took part in the MI Primary and we’d like to personally thank you for doing your part to ensure America’s future is bright.

#FeelTheBern #MichiganPrimary

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