Here’s a secret — yesterday, Bernie Sanders won the state of Maine with 64% of the votes.

Of course this isn’t really a secret seeing that a simple Google search will easily lead you to the results, but it sure seems that way considering how the mainstream media has “shyed” away from covering it. Even before winning Maine yesterday, Sanders had also won Nebraska and Kansas the day before, only losing Louisiana to the DNC’s preferred democratic darling — Hillary Clinton. Although it is true Louisiana is rich in delegates, complaints that “the three out of four states wins by Sanders would not have been dismissed as ‘irrelevant’ if Clinton had won them” has spread across social media like wild fire. In fact, thanks to alternative media, like social media, his wins are not only being discussed for their victories but also making a good portion of the public scrutinize the mainstream media’s deliberate failure to do the same. The lack of Sanders’ victory discussion by the mainstream only adds fuel to the anti-establishment fire.

What the mainstream media fails to realize is that Sander’s voters have stopped listening to them long ago. Most of his supporters are the very millennial and swing voters who Clinton has a hard time catching for her own base — they are the media savvy ones who are certainly not nostalgic to re-live the, supposedly, dear “Clinton era” — and she will quite frankly have to live without them seeing that they are against the very establishment mainstream media which holds her political campaign together.

This deliberate failure of the mainstream to report ALL wins as wins is only adding to the polarizing effect of the 2016 political realm — a continuing fight between old era establishment and the progressive new era which refuses to heel down to the mainstream.   

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