… and it was as benign as her campaign signage.

Last night, I was in Youngstown, Ohio, for a Hillary Clinton: Get-Out-the-Vote rally. It took place in a warehouse filled with perfectly poised American and Ohioan flags with steel beams and manufacturing equipment all within sight of the cameras. There were a lot of undecided voters in the area of the crowd where I was standing. Most of the crowd was older and white, but not without diversity. A lot of the people in my area were undecided but many were also Bernie supporters.

I really loved seeing the new “fighting for us” signs that have freshly popped up on the Clinton campaign trail. I felt like she was *super-connected* to us working folks, as one of the wealthiest public servants in US history. The event was hosted inside of M7 technologies, which is not surprising, considering the CEO is a former Wall-Streeter and M7 is a recipient of military sub-contracts.

Basically, it was a lot of waiting. A group of teachers in front of me started chanting “Hill-a-ry! Hill-a-ry!” to get the show on the road. Alas, all the chants had little impact since we still waited nearly half an hour between speakers before Clinton finally took the stage. One person in the crowd even passed out in front me.

When Clinton finally took to the stage, she managed to talk a lot about the auto industry and bringing back manufacturing jobs. I found this especially curious, being that she only recently opposed the Trans Pacific Partnership. Here’s what Bernie recently had to say about trade deals:

“You are looking at a senator and former congressman who has led the effort since his first day in Congress back in the early 1990s against disastrous trade agreements like NAFTA, CAFTA, PNTR with China and today against the TPP. My record on trade is very, very different than Secretary Clinton’s. I am glad that after talking about how good the TPP would be, finally, under great pressure, she decided to oppose it. But I think it is a real area of disagreement.”

In marketing-machine-monolith fashion, she closed the night out drinking a Guinness. It reminded me of the time she was praised for eating a sausage sandwich at a New York State Fair during her senatorial campaign in 2000. For some past presidential candidates, like Paul Ryan, this would spell out imminent doom. For the self-proclaimed pantsuit aficionado, it’s just another notch in her leather belt, err, jacket.

Sure, we all imagine a presidential candidate as being someone we can drink a beer with, but what the people of Youngstown really want is economic opportunity. In a Time article about the rally, Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown said: “Young voters, all they know is Benghazi.” I respectfully disagree. Youngstown is not just a city that’s fallen on hard times, it’s one of the poorest.

But of course, Bernie didn’t let me down when I read this today:

Bernie is scheduled to speak at a rally in Youngstown tomorrow, so get out there if you’re in the area. He has the consistent record, now it’s time for the people of Ohio to hear it.

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